rust fix

In our days car manufacturers create auto body panels that minimize dirt and moisture entrapment, preventing rust-through. Rust-through is a common problem of older cars and trucks.
If you found even small spot of rust-through visible from outside of the panel, the problem is worse than it appears, since rust that has broken through has actually come from inside the panel. The accumulation of moisture and dirt speeds up the oxidation (rusting) process inside of the body of your car.

Most likely in this case surface cosmetic repair wouldn’t work well, since it isn’t guarantee that the problem won’t return again in short period of time.

Our experienced specialists professionally remove rust-through, prolonging the life of your car.

  • We cut away the metal beyond the rusted area to make sure all rust is eliminated;
  • We grind away paint in the surrounding area, clean out the dirt in the area, and apply rust inhibitor to the interior panel;
  • We fashion and weld a new piece of metal, or apply chemically bonded polyester filler to the vehicle.
  • We acid-etch the new metal to remove any microscopic traces of rust;
  • We fill, level and prime for a quality auto body repair.

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