Cosmetic Auto Repair

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  • January 24, 2013
cosmetic auto repair

More than half of all vehicles on the road have some cosmetic damages, such us minor body or bumper damages, paint chips or scratches created by small rocks striking your car at a high rate of speed, etc.

You don’t have to live with that kind of damages or pay high costs to get it fixed. We are specialists in cosmetic auto repair. Most of the time, you can have your car back in a day and for much less than you’d pay in some other body shops.

We use advanced technology to match your vehicle color exactly and our great paint systems to make nicks and scrapes disappear. We restore all road damages. Special binders, along with the special exact color formula will be used to fill chips and scratches to improve your car appearance and prevent rust.

Looking for pricing or additional information on our Cosmetic Auto Repair Services? Please call 415-552-1831 or fill out an appropriate form on our website. Our representative will process your request and contact you ASAP.

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