Auto Paint

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  • January 24, 2013

If surface of your car is faded due to exposure to light or heat and shows cracking or peeling and doesn’t shine or wax up anymore; if chemical change in your car paint due to acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings and road tar, if you want to get more money selling your vehicle, or get it sold quicker, if you’re planning to give your car to your kid and would like to restore its like-new appearance, whatever your reason is, we have all kinds of approaches and skills for painting your car, family van, track or SUV to keep it looking like new for five more years.

Auto paint repair requires great skills, knowledge and experience. It’s the most complex paint made including 10,000 colors and effects, and has greater luster, shine, depth, and weather resistance. Durability of auto paint is greater than any other type of paint, but the thickness of it is just .003”.

Looking for pricing or additional information on our Auto Paint Services? Please call 415-552-1831 or fill out an appropriate form on our website. Our representative will process your request and contact you ASAP.

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