auto body workers

Our automotive body repairers professionally restore, refinish, and replace vehicle bodies and frames.


Our automotive body repairers typically do the following:

  • Review damage reports, prepare cost estimates, and plan work;
  • Remove damaged body parts, including bumpers, fenders, hoods, grilles, and trim;
  • Realign car frames and chassis to repair structural damage;
  • Hammer out or patch dents, dimples, and other minor body damage;
  • Fit, attach, and weld replacement parts into place;
  • Install and weatherproof windows and windshields;
  • Grind, sand, buff, and prime refurbished and repaired surfaces;
  • Apply new finish to restored body parts.

Our experienced automotive body repairers can repair most damage from everyday vehicle collisions and make vehicles look and drive like new. Damage may be minor, such as replacing a cracked windshield, or major, such as replacing an entire door panel.

Our repair technicians use many latest technological tools for their work. To remove damaged parts, such as bumpers and door panels, they use contemporary pneumatic tools, metal-cutting guns, and plasma cutters. For major structural repairs, such as aligning the body, they often use heavy-duty hydraulic jacks and hammers. For some work, they use common handtools, such as metal files, pliers, wrenches, hammers, and screwdrivers.

In some cases, our repair technicians do an entire job by themselves. In other cases, they use an assembly line approach in which they work as a team with each repair technician specializing.

Although our automotive painters prime and paint repaired parts.

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